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Reo block's help sustainability and environmentally friendly using 100% recycled plastic for holding up steel reinforcement

REO Block, was a Sponsor In Perth at the Stainable Infrastructure Symposium on 4-4-23
REO Block, was a Sponsor In Perth at the Stainable Infrastructure Symposium on 4-4-23

REO BLOCK'S HELP SUSTAINABILITY and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY USING 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC FOR HOLDING UP STEEL REINFORCEMENT. Block's Chair's Element's, NOW COME in sizes of 35mm, 45mm, 100mm, 115mm, 125mm, 145mm, 155mm, 165mm Plus the 3 original Sizes, making up 11 sizes all together.

The new alternative to concrete blocks that will prevent concrete cancer, oxidation and rust. REO BLOCKS are much STRONGER, than any other plastic chairs available.

FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE, just Leave your Details.

– Reo Blocks Prices are VERY COMPETITIVE.
– Comes in Two pallet loads 600 block’s PLUS pallet 75 kgs or 1,200 block’s plus pallet 135 kgs.

Cost savings of at least 50% on the 75mm blocks and significant savings on labour.

who we are

Reo Blocks are an alternative to the old concrete block system usage. By providing Australia Wide, with a better more Innovative, efficient, light and environmental Friendly Products, in the steel reinforcing Industry.

For a better Future, they have the Australian Standard AS/ NZS 2425- 2015 and are Approved by Main Roads Western Australia for use on their structures.

REO-BLOCK'S Chair's Elements

Made from recycled plastic, has 50mm x 65mm x and 75mm sizes built in. With multiple height sizes in development, with an adaptor plate. Easy use of round plates that will not come off,  when fitted and provide great stability on loose fill or sand.

Reo blocks have a SWL of 300 kgs and a significant weight difference, with benefits.


Reo Blocks are the new reinforcing, chair’s elements to provide steel cover.

Reo Blocks will help to prevent concrete cancer, oxidation and rust.

  • Tested to AS/NZS 2425-2015 @ LMATS Laboratories (Bibra Lake) W.A. to Over 1,000 Kgs.
  • AS/NZS 2425-2015 Test Required 300kgs ONLY for SWL.
  • Has Main Roads W.A. Approval for use on their structures.
  • They are made locally in Australia (WA).
  • Tested at Curtin University in oven temptures of 55-105 degrees from 24-48 hrs with No Degradation.
  • Bag of 50 Blocks less that 5kgs.
  • ALL Components are Patented.
  • Made from Recycled Plastic, great for Sustainability and the Environment.
  • Great for Manual Handling and Transport.
  • Light and Easy to attach to steel Reinforcement.
  • Engineered for good Adhesion and Sealant within Concrete.
  • Can be tied easily through the centre of the block.
  • When Tied to steel 30mm to 45mm of cover can be Achieved from the Wire to the Bottom
  • Can except any Aggregate Mix of Concrete
  • Multiple Height Variation’s including 50mm, 65mm and 75mm.
  • Will except Bar’s from 10mm to 40mm Diameter.
  • Will not Slide out, when being blow out with Compressed Air during Cleaning.
  • Recessed to ensure bars will not roll off.
  • Still efficient when Blinding is Low.
  • Can be cut with an Angle Grinder to suit Laps or to make even height size.
  • Can be used Horizontally or Vertically.
  • Has 2 Convenient Plates the Round one is for Sand and Loose fill, that will attach Firmly and the Square plate is for Compacted sand

Step 1: place plates first.

Step 2: Place Block on Plates.

Step 3: After laying blocks on plates further adjustment will be required, when steel or mesh is placed.

With Reo Block and Round Plate, Bars and Mesh will remain on them. Because they are Recessed to hold the Bars or Mesh in Place.

Concrete Bag Showing Load Rating of 300kgs +.