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REO-BLOCK'S Chair's Elements

Made from recycled plastic, has 50mm x 65mm x and 75mm sizes built in. With multiple height sizes in development, with an adaptor plate.

Reo blocks have a SWL of 300 kgs and a significant weight difference, with benefits.


Reo Blocks are the new reinforcing, chair’s elements to provide steel cover.

Reo Blocks will help to prevent concrete cancer, oxidation and rust.

  • Tested to AS/NZS 2425-2015 @ LMATS Laboratories (Bibra Lake) W.A. to Over 1,000 Kgs.
  • AS/NZS 2425-2015 Test Required 300kgs ONLY for SWL.
  • Has Main Roads W.A. Approval for use on their structures.
  • They are made locally in Australia (WA).
  • Tested at Curtin University in oven temptures of 55-105 degrees from 24-48 hrs with No Degradation.
  • Bag of 50 Blocks less that 5kgs.
  • ALL Components are Patented.
  • Made from Recycled Plastic, great for Sustainability and the Environment.
  • Great for Manual Handling and Transport.
  • Light and Easy to attach to steel Reinforcement.
  • Engineered for good Adhesion and Sealant within Concrete.
  • Can be tied easily through the centre of the block.
  • When Tied to steel 30mm to 45mm of cover can be Achieved from the Wire to the Bottom
  • Can except any Aggregate Mix of Concrete
  • Multiple Height Variation’s including 50mm, 65mm and 75mm.
  • Will except Bar’s from 10mm to 40mm Diameter.
  • Will not Slide out, when being blow out with Compressed Air during Cleaning.
  • Recessed to ensure bars will not roll off.
  • Still efficient when Blinding is Low.
  • Can be cut with an Angle Grinder to suit Laps or to make even height size.
  • Can be used Horizontally or Vertically.
  • Has 2 Convenient Plates the Round one is for Sand and Loose fill, that will attach Firmly and the Square plate is for Compacted sand